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Directions for use

RO-55 rust remover and converter effectively removes rust. There are several ways to apply the product to the surface to be treated:

Using a bath: The material for the rust dissolving tank can be: plastic, glass, stainless steel. The height of the tank must be chosen so that the dipped objects are covered with the liquid, or the contact between the product and the surface to be rusted must be ensured by movement. Care must be taken to ensure that objects do not rest on the bottom surface of the container. Adequate ventilation is recommended for liquids larger than the size of a bowl or above room temperature. The treatment time is affected by the thickness of the rust on the objects and the temperature of the bath. A treatment temperature above 30 oC is not recommended and is not justified. It is advisable to remove thick rust mechanically before using the bath, as this will improve the efficiency of the bath and reduce the treatment time.

Due to the size of the tank and the material to be rusted, it may be necessary to dilute RO-55. Dilution of two or three times is possible, but it is accompanied by an increase in the rusting time and a decrease in efficiency. After running out of bath, the solution must be neutralized! Rinse the treated surface thoroughly.

By brushing: For large-surface objects and equipment, where it is not possible to rust the objects in a bath, we use the brushing procedure. In the first step, it is advisable to remove the thick or fragmented rust mechanically here as well, and then the rust removal process is carried out by brushing. It is important that the surface does not dry, repeat the operation several times until the clear metal surface is visible under the surface to be rusted. After the surface dries, a steel gray or white coating, phosphate, is formed. If the workpiece is also to be painted, it is advisable to remove the white coating with a dry cloth or other means, in which case the painted surface will be matt. Remove any rust remover left on the surface by rinsing thoroughly.

Addition: RO-55 also has excellent descaling properties and cleans workpieces contaminated with concrete. In both cases, apply a lot of RO-55 to the surfaces to be cleaned, let it soak in, and after that, the limescale and concrete dirt can be easily removed by some mechanical means. This is repeated until a clear metal surface is reached. Thus, simultaneously with descaling or concrete removal, the surface to be treated also receives a temporary protective layer.

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